Cold Plate

Liquid (water)Cold Plate

High-end applications, such as electronic components used in high temperature environments, require an efficient cooling system that does not interfere with operation.
Liquid (water) Cold Plates are the most efficient cooling method, mainly used in vacuum chambers of vapor deposition equipment used in display manufacturing, protecting electronic components from hundreds of high temperature environments and bringing high levels of performance and reliability to the device.
The heated Liquid Cold Plate in the vacuum chamber is in contact with the coolant circulating inside through a tube or passage (groove), resulting in the entire cold plate cooling and dissipating excess heat to reduce the thermal load.

Kyoyu Seisakusho's Liquid (water) Cold Plate has a copper or stainless steel water-cooled jacket structure.
The water-cooled jacket joins the main body and the water-cooled lid with Tig welding in the case of stainless steel and Friction Stirring Welding for copper. The shape corresponds to various types of shapes ranging from round to square shape. In addition, advanced strain correction technology enables surface cutting after welding to maintain a constant thickness of the water-cooled lid, contributing to improved cooling efficiency.

Production Range

  • The material of the Liquid cold plate is made of stainless steel and/or copper.
  • The welding method adopts either Tig welding, vacuum brazing, EBW, FSW.
  • The maximum size that can be manufactured is φ800mm in circles, 1,400mm wide in rectangle, and 2,000mm in length.
  • The main structure is the jacket structure, which is grooved and the lid joined from the top.

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